How It Works

How it Works – Benefits of Funding Solutions

100% Tax Allowance

Lease repayments, unlike any other method such as bank loan, are generally 100% allowable against taxable profit. This makes leasing the most tax-efficient method of funding fitouts or upgrades.

Avoid large upfront purchase costs

Be completely flexible - fund either on lease to own or as an off-balance-sheet operating lease. Add to your lease, extend the term or adjust your payments at any time.

Overcome budget limitations

Spread your budget cost over 1-5 years and acquire the solution that meets your needs fully, rather than that which your budget dictates. Retain your bank facilities for growth and preserve your covenants. Pay monthly from your revenue budget, ease cashflow and retain your cash for running your business.

Preserve borrowing power

Other lines of credit from your balance sheet stay intact for other credit needs. Leasing is also far more cost-effective than bank borrowing as loan payments do not attract 100% allowances.

  • No large initial upfront cost – single monthly payments
  • Cost-effective cash containment
  • Get your ideal requirements instead of downgrading to meet budget
  • Make payment in sync with your income & cashflow
  • Flexible leases allow for upgrades during the term
  • Fast response and online pre-approvals
  • Options for landlords & tenants
  • Tax deductible
  • Business stays cash rich for working capital
  • Effective & efficient budgets to manage cashflow
  • Finance leases also available

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